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To: All Employees

From: Jane Doe, Head of Corporate Responsibility

Date: September 5, 2023

Subject: RSVP for ESG Seminar on Sept 20 with Dr. Emma Thompson

BrightWave Inc. is hosting an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Seminar on September 20, from 10 AM to 12 PM in Conference Room 401. Dr. Emma Thompson, a leading ESG expert, will be our keynote speaker. The seminar will focus on "Integrating ESG Objectives into Strategic Business Goals."

10:15 AM: Keynote by Dr. Thompson
11:00 AM: Q&A
11:30 AM: Networking

Why Attend?

Learn about the latest ESG trends. Align your work with our ESG goals.

RSVP by September 10 via the internal event portal. Your participation is strongly encouraged as we strive to integrate ESG best practices into our corporate mission.

For more information, email Jane.Doe@BrightWaveInc.com or call extension 5678.


  • AM / PM 的 M是 「半日midday」的意思,AM指的是上半日,PM是指下半日,PM12:00是下半日的12點,也就是中午,書寫或閱讀時要注意。
  • Networking雖然是「網路network」的延伸詞,在此指的是「人際交流」,在商業中相互交流是非常重要的環節,可以促進彼此的了解,增加合作機會製造雙贏的可能。
  • 邀請函「RSVP」指please respond, 記得要回覆是否參加及參加的人數,除了是禮貌之外,也利於工作人員安排座位及膳食、資料文具等等的數量。


  • porate Responsibility 企業(社會)責任

    Definition: The ethical obligation of a corporation to act in a manner that benefits society at large, encompassing areas such as environmental sustainability, employee welfare, and community involvement.


    Many consumers now prioritize buying from companies that have a strong sense of corporate responsibility.

    Her role in the company focuses on corporate responsibility, ensuring that they meet their social and environmental targets.

  • Seminar 座談會

    Definition: A meeting or conference for discussion or training on a specific subject, usually led by an expert.


    I attended a marketing seminar yesterday to learn about upcoming trends in consumer behavior.

    The department hosts a monthly seminar to keep the team updated on new policies and regulations.

  • ESG 環境保護、社會責任、與公司治理

    Definition: An acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance, ESG refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment or business.

    ESG的三個字分別是Environmental 環境保護, Social 社會責任, 與Governance公司治理,目前最有關聯的話題是碳排放carbon emission,但請理解ESG所涵蓋的內容遠大於碳議題。

    Companies with strong ESG policies often attract more socially conscious investors.

    She is analyzing the ESG metrics of the company to ensure it meets sustainability standards.

  • Keynote 主題演講

    Definition: A principal speech or presentation that sets the underlying tone and summarizes the core message or most important revelation of an event.

    所有的大型活動與會議一開始最重要的開場演講就是keynote,會為整場研討會進行基調,講者則稱為keynote speaker,通常是整場活動最重要的嘉賓。

    The CEO’s keynote at the annual meeting was motivational and set the company's direction for the year.

    She was honored to give the keynote speech at the environmental conference.

  • Integrate 整合

    Definition: To combine or coordinate separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole.


    We need to integrate the new software into our existing system smoothly.

    The company is planning to integrate ethical practices throughout its supply chain.

  • Strategic 策略性的、戰略性的

    Definition: Relating to the identification of long-term goals and the means to achieve them.


    Strategic planning is crucial for the long-term success of any business.

    His strategic vision for the company includes entering new markets.

  • Networking 建立人脈

    Definition: The practice of interacting with others to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career.


    Networking at industry events has helped her form partnerships that benefit her company.

    He got his new job mainly through networking with former colleagues.

  • Trend 趨勢

    Definition: A general direction or pattern in which something is developing or changing.


    Remote working is a growing trend in the tech industry.

    She is always keen on following market trends to make informed investment decisions.

  • Align 對齊

    Definition: To arrange or adjust something in a straight line or in correct relative positions; to bring something into a line or alliance.


    The marketing team needs to align their strategies with the overall business goals.

    It's important for your personal values to align with those of your employer.

  • Strive 努力、奮鬥

    Definition: To make great efforts to achieve or obtain something, often over a period of time.

    本字為不規則動詞,三態為strive strove striven,後方介詞為努力希望達成的事情,介詞使用for。

    We strive for excellence in customer service.

    She is striving to make the project a success despite tight deadlines.


  • The team's main focus is to guarantee that the company _______ social and environmental goals.
    • meet
    • meets
    • meeting
    • met
  • Did you go to the _______ on consumer behavior last week?
    • trend
    • seminar
    • keynote
    • responsibility
  • The CEO's _______ at the conference was inspiring.
    • networking
    • trend
    • keynote
    • seminar
  • The IT department is planning to _______ the new software into the existing system.
    • align
    • strive
    • integrate
    • trends
  • _______ planning is crucial for a company's long-term success.
    • Networking
    • Strategic
    • Trend
    • Seminar
  • Sarah found her new job primarily through _______ with past colleagues.
    • networking
    • align
    • ESG
    • integrate
  • Remote working is a _______ that has been growing rapidly in the tech sector.
    • trend
    • seminar
    • network
    • keynote
  • It is important to _______ your personal values with your professional goals.
    • trend
    • strive
    • align
    • network
  • Answer: b) meets
  • Answer: b) seminar
  • Answer: c) keynote
  • Answer: c) integrate
  • Answer: b) Strategic
  • Answer: a) networking
  • Answer: a) trend
  • Answer: c) align

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